Pro’s and Con’s of Conventional Office VS Flex Space

7 Apr 2021
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Omega RE and Spectrum Workplace co-hosted their second of three live series on The Future of Offices on the South Coast’ webinar on 30th March 2021.

Many organisations are facing the question on what their Workplace strategy should look like in the future.

Should they consider a hub and spoke approach?

Maybe relocate their head office?

Move their teams into Co-working spaces?

50 attendees joined the webinar and Omega RE’s Nella Pang and Spectrum Workplace’s Joshua Fidler helped to answer their questions with their insightful presentations.

The pandemic has raised a question regarding what works best for companies and their employees.

Remote working has proven a great success financially however the main focus is on employees and their health and wellbeing.

Many studies have shown that individuals, in fact, want flexibility and a separation from home and a place where they can collaborate. Technology has allowed us to work from anywhere and create a more work life balance.

Nella Pang adds: ‘Businesses are now adopting a more hybrid models, where employees work in the office, homes and other places. Therefore, it is important to understand the financial pros and cons of what it actually means for a business that is faced with the decision on whether a conventional office or a flex workspace is more appropriate.

More and more businesses are seeking to be cutting edge and attract the best talent for their industry, they are using real estate to create a culture where their employees want to come and work. That’s where flexible and coworking spaces are making a real breakthrough.

Nella Pang continues: ‘Making the move into a new office space is a big deal. Spend the time considering what you and your team need and researching the options available to you. In today’s world, there’s a space for every type of business — and it’s worth spending the time to find it’

Joshua Fidler, Managing Director of Spectrum Workplace: ‘The pandemic has forced many organisations to use home working, which in most cases its proved that this is a feasible ongoing strategy. The question is now how to balance the best of remote working alongside the benefits of physically meeting in the office. This has raised the importance of workplace strategy and something everything organisation should be taking seriously’


The last of the 3-part series will be held on Tuesday 27th April 2021 on how Commercial Landlords and occupiers can build wellness into the working environment. Looking into Well Building Standards, technology and sustainable fitout.


Watch the insightful webinar in full here:




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