Managing an Office Relocation

Managing a Relocation

  • Is your business expanding or contracting?
  • Do you need to increase productivity or efficiency?
  • Do you want to increase your corporate image?
  • Do you have an imminent lease break or expiry?
  • Are you struggling to retain or attract staff?
  • Do you want to improve your bottom-line profits?


About 12 months before you’re planning to move, you should decide who’s going to be involved, and start to outline your key requirements. Select a team and assign clear roles and responsibilities.

  1. Prepare business forecast
  2. Undertake a workplace audit
  3. Agree a brief with relevant stakeholders
  4. Choose your in-house team
  5. Select a commercial advisor to act on your behalf
  6. Select a design and build specialist
  7. Discuss requirements with an IT specialist to evaluate current cabling and industry best practice
  8. Create a move budget
  9. Shortlist office locations with your commercial advisor
  10. Work with a D&B specialist to create office test fits, to include workstation, break out areas, kitchen, print areas, specialist areas.
  11. Develop furniture selection and criteria.  Consider reusing, repurposing or purchasing new or refurbished furniture.
  12. Assess whether to order new telephone system or relocate existing.
  13. Determine security requirements, employee access, IT security, monitoring service and any specialist areas that require additional security.
  14. Select a commercial solicitor.
  15. Secure relevant insurances.
  16. Obtain moving quotes.
  17. Determine who is your moving team.

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