Building Wellness in the Working Environment

6 May 2021
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Building Wellness in the Working Environment

Omega RE and Spectrum Workplace co-hosted their final webinar of three live series ‘The Future of Offices on the South Coast’, on 27th April 2021.

Building health and well-being into the workplace is driving demand.

What exactly is a healthy building?

Why is it important?

How can businesses future-proof their buildings?

Those were the key discussion points, understanding, why the building itself must be capable of being repurposed and why the first step starts with investors and developers.

The interactive discussion focused on how to align employees’ demand for safety and well-being in the workplace in post-pandemic climate.

100% cited COVID concerns as a driver, while human health 86%, tenant satisfaction 71%, market differentiation 71%, enhancing reputation 57%, and compliance concerns 43% were other key motivators.

Nella Pang talks about why landlords need to take these results into consideration:

‘We believe that landlords and investors on the South Coast have got to pay attention – as it is no longer about a building that doesn’t cause you harm, because if the physical and social environment is the number 1 determinant of your health, why would not want to improve the health and wellbeing of the people that will be spending most of their waking hours in it.  We are in a much more human centric environment and we need design space with the end user in mind.’

COVID-19 has accelerated the need to build wellness into real estate and it will become even more important – in terms of access to metrics that track not only light and noise, but also building ventilation, air filtration and extended cleaning.

Many studies have shown that individuals, in fact, want flexibility and a separation from home and a place where they can collaborate. Technology has allowed us to work from anywhere and create a more work life balance.

Nella Pang continues: ‘Healthy Buildings is not a new concept, however what is new is transformation of the notion of work and how we work. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of businesses and brought individual health and well-being to the forefront as a critical priority.  Employees expect a safe, productive, and seamless experience wherever they work.’

We are coming out of a pandemic, so there hasn’t been a time before where there is so much focus on healthy buildings.

Joshua Fidler, Managing Director of Spectrum Workplace comments: ‘The last year has really shown the reality and importance of mental health and how this can effect every area of our life. The office plays such a vital role in helping ensure staff can be productive and we have seen a real change in our client’s attitude. Ultimately, we believe that a hybrid approach which combines the office with some form of remote working is a good model for many businesses, but each business has different needs and needs a strategy designed for them’.

Another big topic discussed by Spectrum Workplace was the approach to sustainability, many of their clients are now taking this much more seriously. An overview was given showing a selection of examples, both from furniture choice and building materials.

The 3-part series has given all attendees the opportunity to understand importance of employees’ health & wellbeing, introduction of hybrid working and why the South Coast is the perfect location for business to start or relocate their business.

We hope we have given a great insight into what should landlords, investors and tenants be focusing on to provide healthy & sustainable working environment.

Watch the insightful webinar in full here:


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