Lease Negotiations & Renewals

Lease Negotiations & Renewals

Have you found your perfect property, but need help to secure the deal? Do you have an impending lease event, whether it be a break, rent review or lease expiry?

Lease negotiations can be a minefield. Even small mistakes can drive up costs. That’s why Omega RE will represent your interests every step of the way.



We’re commercial lease negotiation specialists with years of experience in obtaining the fairest commercial lease terms, with incentives such as rent-free or a contribution towards a fit-out.

With Omega RE at your service, we’ll guide you through the process to ensure:

  • You are entering a fair agreement
  • You know the best options for your business
  • Your lease is flexible so your business can adapt

We don’t just broker a deal. We’re committed to providing extensive advice not only on your current status but at the end of your lease.

Whatever your situation, we’ll negotiate favourable terms for you based on current market value and trends.

Given today’s climate, flexibility couldn’t be more imperative. Companies need to remain agile in order to survive. Flexible leases can cover several areas, let us negotiate ways to ensure your business can adapt with the market.


Omega RE will represent your interests every step of the way.