Portfolio Optimisation

Portfolio Optimisation

Do you have multi properties? Have you recently acquired a company? Has your business strategy changed? Do you need to consolidate or expand your portfolio?

Real estate is one of the largest costs when running a business. Our Portfolio Optimisation service will identify opportunities to minimise risks, reduce costs, and realign your portfolio with your business requirements and long-term objectives.



We’ll review your entire portfolio and analyse each property against the market, and make recommendations for optimisation in the short, medium, and long-term by:

  • Reviewing lease terms, highlighting lease events which may coincide with your future business plan
  • Assess the market conditions in each location, to ensure you’re paying market value and identify if there are any more competitively priced spaces
  • Inspecting the properties to identify any under-utilised areas that can be sub-leased

We can also connect you with appropriate workplace consultancy firms to provide recommendations on ways to improve the site performance and minimise costs.

We use our extensive knowledge of working with occupiers to add value to clients property portfolios.


Let Omega RE support your timely decision-making ahead of critical dates with a Portfolio Analysis.