Is Southampton Poised To Be At The Forefront Of New Maritime Technology?

1 Mar 2023
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Is Southampton Poised To Be At The Forefront Of New Maritime Technology?

In episode nine of our second series of Let’s Talk South Coast, our host Nella Pang is joined by Andy Tourell, Head of Sustainable Logistics at Ocean Infinity.

What you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Who Ocean Infinity are and what they do
  • The ESG targets they have set themselves on decarbonisation
  • The projects they have been involved in since pioneering the use of autonomous underwater vehicles
  • The fleet of unmanned surface vessels they are currently building and what this means for the future of remote survey operations
  • The driver behind reducing the number of people needed to work offshore
  • How they are working to make offshore activities greener and safer
  • The work they are doing to close the gender gap and bring more inclusivity to the maritime industry
  • How the technology they are developing has to be able to deliver the services the client wants in order to be sustainable
  • How they are building a ship for a clean fuel system that does not yet exist
  • Why Ocean Infinity decided to base themselves in Southampton
  • The internship program the company operates
  • The work they have to do to prove the technologies before they can be regulated


Key Insights From This Episode: 

  • We specialise in the development and deployment of innovative tech. And ultimately what we’re looking to do is to transform the maritime industry to enable the people and planet to thrive. – Andy
  • We have signed the climate pledge, to be net zero by 2040, 10 years ahead of the general target of 2050. – Andy
  • We are currently building the world’s largest fleet of unmanned surface vessels, and that’s the largest fleet in terms of size of the vessel and in the number of vessels. – Andy
  • We’ve committed to remote survey operations from day one, the technology exists to go totally unmanned.  But what we need to do, and what we are doing is working very closely with regulators to work towards that transition to complete unmanned operations for that size of vessel. – Andy
  • We think that most, if not all activities offshore can be made cleaner, more efficient and/or safer through the deployment of robotics. – Andy
  • We’ve got the world’s largest fleet of them. They can go down to 6,000 metres to map the seabed and you can run them all in parallel. So we’re able to map it and it was around 1800 square kilometres in less than 72 hours.


About Our Guest: 

Andy is Head of Sustainable Logistics at Ocean Infinity, he is also Sustainability Commission Member at the British Triathlon Federation.

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About Our Host: 

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