Halo Effect Shakes Up The UK Automotive Industry

26 Mar 2023
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We are excited to announce that Omega RE has acquired the 20th site for Halo Accident Repair Centre, a revolutionary car body repair company that is changing the game in the UK. This milestone represents a significant achievement for both Omega RE and Halo ARC as they continue to grow and innovate in the automotive industry.


Halo ARC is a car body repair unit that stands out from the rest. Their clinical and aesthetically pleasing facilities are a far cry from traditional grubby and oil-stained workshops. With a focus on delivering exceptional service.

We acquired 10 industrial units in 15 months taking Halo ARC Ltd to a total of 20 locations. With this latest addition, their UK expansion has gone up by 61.5% in the last year.

With this latest addition, their UK expansion has gone up by over 60%!

Omega RE is the driving force behind the success of Halo ARC’s rapid expansion. Their team of experts handles the entire process, from site searches and inspections to negotiating terms and finalising the transaction. This approach allows Halo ARC to focus on what they do best: providing an extraordinary service to their customers.

Ros Hanson, Halo ARC Business Growth Director adds: “Thanks to the Omega RE team for your Extraordinary work! It’s been hard and will continue to be the case in educating landlords, agents etc. that Halo are a non-traditional business, who are all about turning this industry around.”

We spend most of our time persuading landlords that Halo ARC are not your typical car repairers.

✅ There is no car savaging or damaged vehicles left on-site.

✅ None of the Halo ARC branches have loads of cars parked all around the estate.

✅ No excessive amounts of signage.

✅ Halo ARC are a B2B operator.

✅ They are very presentable.

✅ They are great tenants.

The acquisition of the 20th site is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Halo ARC team and their partners at Omega RE. Together, they are redefining the car repair industry and creating a new standard for excellence.

Halo Accident Repair Centre Facilities, Copyright Halo Accident Repair Centre


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