Creating a Happy Workplace – the Future of Basingstoke

29 Mar 2023
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Creating a Happy Workplace – the Future of Basingstoke

Basingstoke and Deane Business Team have truly set the bar for what it means to lead with action. At the recent launch of Basingstoke Story, it was so refreshing to see a council that not only talked the talk but also walked the walk. They 100% led by example, and the result was a memorable and impactful event.

It’s no secret that regional towns and cities are facing tough competition when it comes to attracting investment and talent. In order to compete on a global level, they need a strong vision and a deep understanding of their “why.” And that’s exactly what Basingstoke is doing – investing in happiness.

But what does that mean, exactly? Well, at the Basingstoke Story launch, we saw a concrete example of what happiness looks like in action. The event kicked off with a mindfulness exercise, setting the tone for a day focused on health and wellbeing. And the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Silchester Farm, Silchester – a beautiful, unique location that truly showcased the best of what Basingstoke has to offer.

But what really stood out was the way the Basingstoke and Deane Business Team made sure that businesses were part of the conversation. They took them on a journey and made sure their voices were heard, highlighting the importance of collaboration and community in achieving the vision of a happier Basingstoke.

Nella Pang, Managing Director of Omega RE adds “I had the honour of presenting on the topic of creating a happy workplace, I can attest to the huge amount of opportunity that Basingstoke has in front of them. By investing in happiness and putting health and wellbeing at the forefront, they are setting themselves up for success in the long run. And of course, no event focused on happiness would be complete without epic food! The team truly thought of everything, creating an environment that was both enjoyable and meaningful.”

We asked businesses some thought-provoking questions.

As a commercial real estate consultancy, our main focus was to highlight the importance of incorporating the wellbeing factor into the office environment. Give employees the sense of belonging and get businesses to undesrtand what the future of offices looks like in the post-pandemic world.

The real question is: Can Basingstoke really compete with the bigger players in the region and beyond?


To put it into perspective, a typical office rent in Basingstoke is £28 psf in comparison to London, which is £101 psf.

We need to understand what individuals want and need from their workplace.  Face to face interaction, a place to collaborate, a place to build a culture, reduced occupational costs and reduced commuting times featured highly.  What is evident is health and wellbeing is a key focus and has become as key as the financial health of the organisation.

The South Coast has the highest number of high performing businesses in the UK, outside of London and is known for it is its resilience and with strong growth makes it a stable to invest.

Overall, I have to say that I was truly impressed with what Basingstoke and Deane Business Team achieved with the launch of Basingstoke Story. They proved that a strong vision and a commitment to action can truly make a difference. Congratulations to everyone involved – you are setting a great example for other cities and towns to follow!



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