What Do You Want Your Office To Be?

15 Oct 2021
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What Do You Want Your Office To Be?

Omega RE, Commercial Advisory, Hampshire, UK

What actually IS an office?

We challenge you to rephrase that question to “What do you want your office to be?” 

By doing so, you will be able to start drawing a picture of what does your workspace must have to ensure your business can flourish.

As much as we love the Work From Home concept that majority of us had to adapt to, it’s also becoming increasingly challenging to sustain this as a long-term solution.

We are social animals. We crave human interactions. We thrive to be part of a community and likeminded people.

The future look of our office looks different now to what it did pre-lockdown. We care more about the importance of quality over quantity. Work smarter, not harder.

So, what are the key attributes to consider when you’re looking for your new home/office?

People. Brand. Environment. Location. Flexibility.

It's about the people. Omega RE, Commercial Real Estate, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

When was the last time you asked your team their opinion on where they work? Questions like: What’s their drive? What gets them going? The benefits of completing a survey massively outweigh the amount of time it takes to put the survey together.

People are your (not so) secret weapon behind your business. Therefore, we have to ensure we give them what they need to keep coming back for more. Successful organisation doesn’t happen without great people. An effective talent retention and attraction strategy will help you to hold onto your best team players and recruit new ones as your company grows and develops.

Create the right environment. Omega RE, Commercial Real Estate advisory, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

How do you achieve the perfect environment? The short answer is that there is no universal perfect workspace, but there is one that’s right for each organisation.

We are representing Kings Park House in Southampton – a traditional office space (1,500 to 4,252 sq ft), which offers the option to create a bespoke design, tailored to your business and staff needs.  Ensure that your workspace is designed to help your people communicate and collaborate effectively. The advantage of a traditional workspace is the ability to create work zones suited to tasks and take in account different personalities. Think private and confidential booths, informal meeting spaces, or communal areas.

We’ve also looked at co-working/flexible workspaces. Southampton’s  The Old Bond Store team have created a well functioning space, accommodating for introverts AND extroverts. Split across 3 levels – The facilities offer different types of space depending on your needs – 1:1 spaces and private booths for you and your team/clients. Collaborative and community space to generate ideas. Social & Event space for all important business and networking events.

Company Brand, Omega RE, Commercial advisory, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Office branding can be a balancing act, but is so important to focus on how your office represents you and your business. One of the best tips for getting the balance right is to focus on the areas where branding will have the biggest impact.

A great example of a clever workplace design that screams ‘brand’ is Arena Business Centre offices, that are spread across the UK. A serviced office provider, offering flexible workspaces and business facilities for you and your company.

As soon as you enter their reception areas, you instantly feel like in a high-quality hotel, with detailed decor and attentive staff.  It’s a great first touchpoint for any client.

There are still many traditional offices that are missing that WOW factor.  Serviced offices on the other hand think about interior design right from the start. They can also significantly help with your day to day business management carried out by the front-of-house staff member.

Location, Omega RE, Commercial Real Estate Advisory, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Location, location, location.  How accessible is your office to you, your team and your customers? The location of a business is not only to attract a customer base but also to attract the right sort of talent to make the business a success. Research has shown that the location of a business is one of its most important factors for success. As commercial real estate advisors we look at your office strategically and as a whole. Location can also influence a business’s ability to market itself, the total cost of operation, taxes the business owner has to pay and the regulations they must follow.


Lease negotiation, Omega RE, Commercial Real Estate Advisors, Southampton, Hampshire, UKWe are all aware that running a business can be unpredictable.  You may find that the business grows rapidly and that you quickly require bigger premises to support such growth. On the other hand, you may find that things do not go so well, and that you no longer require as much space or wish to terminate the letting in its entirety. Thefore, it is important to retain as much flexibility as possible. We will advise you to negotiate a lease at a specific point (i.e. 3 or 5 year lease) or rolling contract, which allows you to terminate at any given date.


If you would like to discuss your specific office options in more details, please contact us on 02382 355799 or email us at hello@omega-re.co.uk.

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