Plantable Business Cards

21 Nov 2020
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I am a bit of a collector.  Of Business Cards.  Over 16 years of collecting business, even though they are uploaded electronic.  I like to keep them as they act as a visual aid to remind me to connect with individuals or businesses.

But as I start my own business and reviewing quality of paper, design, size.  What do I want to represent? I question is it necessary? Particularly as the world we see today.  How many of you keep individual business cards? Most get card scanned and uploaded to the cloud and throw into the bin.

Omega RE is always thinking ‘Outside the Box’ in our advice to clients and the way we do business.  We don’t settle for mediocre; we challenge the norm and are dedicated to finding solutions that is best for our clients and the environment.

So, I am very excited to get my new business cards that are made from plantable paper embedded with seeds, which ‘magically’ transform into plants when potted in soil (hopefully, once you put my contact details safely in your phone!).

I cant wait to start networking again, and watch my business cards grow.

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