Support To Relocate Your Business: How do you put a cost on a service you don’t know you need?

2 Aug 2022
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Support To Relocate Your Business: How do you put a cost on a service you don’t know you need?

Support to relocate my business

As a business owner, I understand the importance of investing in the right areas of my business and not spending money unnecessarily.

We all want an easy life. I’m not talking about cutting corners. But if you have a problem you generally seek professional help, whether it is a broken leg you go to a doctor. Your car breaks down, you go to a mechanic, a water pipe is leaking, you call the plumber.

So when relocating your business, potentially making a lengthy commitment, which could bankrupt your business, if you make the wrong decision…


Why would you not appoint a surveyor to advise you on competitive terms that are aligned with your business needs?

This is what I enjoy about my role the most. I get to support businesses with their next move. I negotiate the terms. I liaise with the solicitors and the landlord’s agents. We find commercial premises that are suitable for now and for the future.

Do you know what a pain it is to move? Legally changing your address, and your suppliers – notably when you have just won a massive contract and have enough work to deal with, let alone managing a move.

So why not instruct someone to take care of this side of your business for you. You can then concentrate on running your business and have more headspace to do the things you enjoy.

When I reflect on my business, how do I put a cost on a service that I do not know I need. I think about my ‘to-do list’ and ‘procrastination list’ and how much capacity I have. There are only so many hours in the day and if the task is not the best use of my time, I will pay for someone else to do it, who has the knowledge and the expertise.

I spent 8 years working full time and studying full time to become a chartered surveyor. I have worked with global businesses and one-man bands, with almost 20 years of experience. I would love to support you with your next real estate decision.

Get in touch to understand how I can help you. 02382 377599

About Nella Pang

I left the corporate world in 2020 and launched Omega RE a commercial advisory firm in a pandemic, whilst on maternity. Brave some people would say. 🚀

The pandemic has taught many of us a thing or two, particularly on how we can do business. I support businesses to navigate the complexities of Commercial Real Estate, so they can achieve their business objectives through their Real Estate decisions.

Lease negotiations can be a minefield. Even small mistakes can drive up costs. That’s why I will represent your interests every step of the way, ensuring you receive the full value of our experience and market knowledge.

With over 18 years experience in the Commercial Property Market having worked for the big corporates Jones Lang LaSalle Limited, BNP Paribas Real Estate and Vail Williams.

I want to be able to share my corporate knowledge with my clients, whilst offering a more personal dedicated commercial advisory service.

Having acted for a wide range of clients from major pension funds to private investors, small businesses and individuals. I love meeting people and I am passionate about adding value to my clients’ businesses and watching them thrive.

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