Is there an inclusive entrepreneurial culture on the South Coast? With Becky Lodge

14 Dec 2022
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Is there an inclusive entrepreneurial culture on the South Coast? With Becky Lodge

Is there an inclusive entrepreneurial culture on the South Coast?

In episode four of our second series of Let’s Talk South Coast, our host Nella Pang is joined by Becky Lodge, Founder of StartUp Disruptors to talk about the support they are offering to neurodiverse individuals who want to start a business on the South Coast and the communities that have been created around this.

What you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • How StartUp Disruptors was formed by 9 people in a Portsmouth pub
  • How securing their first sponsor, Uber changed the business
  • How technology has altered the way we all do business 
  • The different types of businesses Startup Disruptors help
  • How they grew their online presence 
  • How important it is for them to build a sense of community so that everyone can feel included, no matter their background
  • The work the company does around educating individuals who want to start their own businesses and offering them support and guidance to achieve their goals
  • Why Becky thinks more VC should invest in women 
  • The £20k Startup Prize competition they are currently running and how businesses and individuals can get involved

Key Insights From This Episode: 

  • I love Portsmouth as a city and I love the South Coast. It’s an amazing place, but it never seems that we’ve done enough with our entrepreneurial communities to help them to thrive. There’s such a phenomenal rate of business setup and growth now that it’s something that we can’t ignore anymore, especially as future generations want to actually be their own boss for the first time and have more choice. – Becky
  • You can literally have a mobile phone and start a business. You can have a Facebook page and easily trade up to £85k – Becky
  • We’ve helped 5,000 people to start a business since 2016.  – Becky
  • We say to people, this is a community. In essence, we provide business support, mentoring and coaching. We do incubation. We do all of these fantastic things but primarily, this is about people feeling accepted. People feeling that they can come somewhere where they can be themselves. – Becky
  • It doesn’t matter whether somebody wants a part-time side hustle, side gig, or to be the next Uber or Airbnb, we should have equity across the board and equality and parity. And that’s what’s been missing. And I think that’s what makes us very disruptive. – Becky
  • I was told by my careers advisor that I would be lucky and I should be grateful if I would be a secretary or perhaps a department teacher. That would be the most that I could hope for back in, in the 80s and 90s. And I just sat there at the time and I thought, wow, what incredibly low aspirations we have for women. – Becky


About Our Guest: 

Becky Lodge is Founder of Startup Disruptors the #1 digital support brand and award winning business incubator for neuro-diverse early adopters, pre-startup, start-up and small business owners in the U.K.


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About Our Host: 

Nella Pang

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