Omega Re Sets Commercial Real Estate Industry Benchmark Joining The B Corp Global Movement

25 Apr 2024
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Omega RE Redefines Commercial Real Estate Standards, Leading the Way as First B Corp Firm Outside London

Omega RE, a prominent player in the commercial real estate sector, proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement as the premier B Corp certified commercial real estate advisory firm outside of London. This pivotal moment underscores Omega RE’s unwavering commitment to social and environmental stewardship, marking a significant departure from conventional industry practices and setting a new benchmark for purpose-driven business operations.

Omega RE – B Corp Certification received in December ’23

Championing Purpose in Commercial Real Estate

In a landscape often driven solely by financial considerations, Omega RE stands as a beacon of change by prioritising purpose alongside profit. As a B Corp certified entity, we join a global movement of companies dedicated to harnessing business as a force for good. This certification not only reflects our steadfast dedication to serving our clients but also underscores our commitment to creating positive impacts in our communities and on the planet.

Pioneering Change in the Industry

Omega RE’s B Corp certification signifies more than just a recognition; it represents a paradigm shift in the commercial real estate sector. As the inaugural commercial real estate firm outside of London to achieve this distinction, Omega RE is at the forefront of revolutionising industry norms. Our certification heralds a new era characterised by sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices.

Driving Impactful Conversations Through Events

As part of our commitment to driving positive change, Omega RE has hosted a series of impactful events aimed at fostering dialogue and action on critical issues:

Strong Female Lead for International Women’s Day: Omega RE recently hosted its third annual “Strong Female Lead” event in celebration of International Women’s Day. This dynamic gathering brought together professionals and students to explore careers in traditionally male-dominated industries. Through interactive workshops, expert insights, and networking opportunities, attendees were empowered to pursue their aspirations and contribute to gender equality in the workplace.

Strong Female Lead IWD event,; Hosted by Collaboration360 at The Grand, Southampton in March ’24

Does it Pay to Be Green?: In response to the growing focus on sustainability, Omega RE partnered with the Southampton Chamber of Commerce to host a panel discussion titled “Does it Pay to Be Green?” This event explored the implementation of green initiatives, green loans, and the practicality of environmental sustainability in business operations. By shedding light on the financial and environmental benefits of sustainability practices, Omega RE aims to inspire businesses to embrace green strategies.

Does it pay to be green? Event; Hosted by Omega RE at Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium in February ’24

Walk & Talk of Bournemouth: Collaborating with South Coast CPS, Omega RE Hosted and narrated an event to emphasise the need for a shift in mentality and vision, highlighting the potential for investment once the community takes ownership of their surroundings. Strategies for revitalising Bournemouth’s economy and infrastructure were discussed, with a focus on creating sustainable communities that prioritise both people and the environment.

Walk & Talk Bournemouth event; Touring key properties around Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth in April ’24. In collaboration with South Coast CPS

Collaboration emerged as a key disruptor in the industry, with discussions on cross-marketing and cross-promotion. It’s clear that by fostering partnerships and embracing innovation, we can build vibrant, resilient communities that thrive.

Join Us in Shaping a Sustainable Future

As Omega RE celebrates this significant milestone, we invite clients, partners, and stakeholders to join us in shaping a more sustainable future for the commercial real estate industry. By collaborating with Omega RE, you not only gain access to unparalleled expertise and service but also contribute to a broader movement towards purpose-driven business practices.

Omega RE Team during a Strategy Day at the St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton



About Omega RE

Omega RE is a leading commercial real estate business committed to redefining success through social and environmental responsibility. With a Certified B Corporation accreditation and esteemed business awards, Omega RE continues to make strides in the industry. Omega RE is a commercial property advisory firm based on the South Coast, covering the whole of the UK. Providing expert advice to Landlords, Occupiers in the industrial, office and retail markets.

Omega RE is always thinking ‘Outside the Box’ in our advice to clients and the way we do business. We don’t settle for mediocre; we challenge the norm and are dedicated to finding solutions that is best for our clients.

We are a people business, based on strong relationships and partnerships, and we offer a personal level of service.

As the market evolves, we will too adapt to be successful and want the same for our clients. We are committed to finding innovative ways of marketing and how to do things more efficiently.

We will never stagnate.

We are disciplined in everything we do; we take time to understand the situation and set a bespoke strategy for each client. Not one size fits all. We do not cut corners or take shortcuts and our integrity is undisputed.

Providing clients’ a hands-on approach to finding the perfect property; office, industrial, warehouse or retail space to meet business needs and negotiating the best commercial lease terms, is what we do best.

We come to work because we’re passionate about providing expert, innovative, independent advice to clients. We want to help businesses navigate the complexities of Commercial Real Estate.

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